Hello, internet. I’m here to tell the sorry story of the state of U.S. media. The story is big, and it is long. But I’ll aim for the most important parts. I suppose the only fear I have is of the writing process. Gathering and absorbing information is my passion, yet I am terrified of sharing information with an audience if I have to put it on screen for an audience to see. Since information and knowledge is my passion, I am particularly dismayed at the state of American journalism. I choose to comment on the American (aka U.S.) example because (1) I hail from the United States, and (2) it’s much easier to define a particular area, as media most certainly is a product that moves easily beyond borders.

As for this blog, I’ve decided to simply start posting and add commentary. As I progress, I shall better define what I seek to address and how I shall do it.


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