Can the media cover themselves?

David Carr, the media reporter for the nytimes, wrote an article this week about the state of journalism and its ability to cover itself. Carr points out the absence of coverage of the phone hacking scandal in Britain, which appeared in the News Of The World, a former publication by the scoundrel of media himself, Rupert Murdoch. Carr correctly points out that the events surrounding the scandal are worthy of a plot in a book by a mainstream novel writer. What Carr lacks in his analysis, however, is any solutions or analysis of the context of the problem of the media. After rumbling around for a few quotes by those working within journalism (and therefore beholden to the system surrounding it), Carr ends with “If journalism is losing its way, that’s a story that needs to be told over and over.” Great! Let’s tell the story of how bad journalism is getting. As if that hasn’t been the story of media during the past decade. If people covering the media can’t even provide a possible answer to the problem, what good is it? There will be no change in the information structures of our society if there are no solutions.


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