Journatic update

Update on the Journatic scandal: The Chicago Tribune invested in and utilized the services of Journatic. This past week 85 Tribune staffers sent a letter to the top-dog editor G. Kern. Staffers cited “deep frustration and concern in the newsroom over the Tribune’s continued relationship with Journatic.” Considering Journatic’s scandalous record on content and bylines, this is no surprise. If the Tribune works with a corrupt company, what does that say about the Tribune itself? (It’s certainly hard to defend the entirety of its content, not that this was easier beforehand.) In fact, much of the problems at Journatic are direct violations of Tribune policy set for its own reporters. Kern eventually replied to the criticism by guaranteeing that they are “committed to completing our review and making the right decisions.” Now all we have to wait for is what the Tribune means by “right decision”–“right” for the Tribune’s owners and top management, or “right” for journalism?


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