More on Corporate Media and the Olympics

Greetings! Today we continue with the dismal coverage of the Olympics by the corporate media. The story I’d like to discuss today is an offshoot of the previous discussion about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. You won’t see this version of the story reported in much of the corporate media. As reported in the Independent (British pub), reporter Guy Adams was kicked off of the social networking site Twitter for disparaging NBC’s coverage of the Olympics on Twitter. Over multiple postings, Adams attacked the clumsy and jingoistic nature of NBC anchors, and posted the email address of the NBC executive responsible for Olympic coverage. Therefore, apparently the reason for kicking Adams off of Twitter, according to Twitter, was because he breached their terms of agreement by posting a private email account.

Adams constructed a brilliant response to Twitter by pointing out that the email he posted was indeed not a private, but a corporate email account. Furthermore, the email was already posted at a previous time on the web, which Twitter points out as not a violation if reposted on Twitter.

All this makes sense if we add a little context. The multinational corporation GE, which owns NBC, is an official sponsor of the Olympics. GE is certainly hoping that the Olympics are portrayed in a positive light, especially if a company it owns is covering it for the U.S. public. Furthermore, NBC is currently partnering with Twitter. The partnership is intended to help Twitter boost its visibility by serving as a conduit of information for Olympians, their family, spectators, and NBC anchors. Alas, concerns over profit have served to spoil both a broadcaster’s coverage of the Games, as well as silence a critic who might intensify concerns of said coverage.


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