Short: Nobody Likes the Pundits

In a recent poll conducted by Daily Kos/SEIU, it was found that over 3/4 of the population disapprove of the political news media. Is this a surprise? No. The “political media” is anything but a legitimate news source. One might expect to obtain something informative when tuning into the political media, but that’s not the point of its existence. And despite arguments to the contrary, they’re not fooling anybody. Political media is a game show  that masquerades around the media world as a legitimate source of news. Much of these types of media consist of talking heads–often time political insiders–spinning their tidbits of assigned talking points for packaged consumption by consumers. If its a television show, the host may ask some questions about political strategy, aka how a political campaign is spending the oodles of cash it receives via our corrupt and broken campaign contribution system.

Yes, especially now are the state of the media, elections, and democracy itself in peril. And they are all intertwined. Stay tuned next time for more discussion on the media!


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