Greetings. The blog you are currently reading addresses a variety of topics within the media world. This is most certainly an experiment in synthesizing information I find on the internet and in print format concerning the state of the media in the United States. I come from the perspective that the media options for citizens and residents alike are lacking in content and importance to the lives of the people it purports to serve. Or maybe I should even use the term “customer,” which denotes the essential business relationship that exists between producers and consumers (which is so often and easily blurred in the “information age”) of news, information, media, etc.–however you may call it.

After thousands of years of rich human history, will the mass communication technology of the 20th and 21st centuries lead to better informed societies made up of people who can make a good life for themselves based on the richness of the information provided by these communication technologies? Or will we experience a decline as control of these precious technologies is consolidated into the hands of a few key players? For now, enough with the Q’s… let’s look for some answers.


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